About us

Bax & Bay launched in 2015 with a capsule range of our unique, multi-functional baby bags called the Cub Bag. Since then we have extended our product offering to include new bag styles and clothing.

Our brand philosophy 

We believe that happy parents, make happy children and we are committed to designing and producing high quality accessories that parents will love. 

We use only the highest quality materials and fabrics, safe for use with babies and children. All of our bags are designed and handmade in the Highlands of Scotland. All of the materials and fabrics we use are made in the UK. 

We have carefully researched the fabrics we use for our products; taking into consideration babies with sensitive skin. All of our products are baby friendly, washable and durable. Our linen and cotton bags are gentle on babies skin and our beautifully soft, faux suede collection uses a waterproof and hypo-allergenic fabric, which holds a British Standard safety kite for use in baby products.

Our clothing is produced from organic cotton and printed in Scotland.