Schools Out!

4th July 2018

Schools out for Summer in the Highlands and we are all exhausted. 30 degrees for the past two days and we are in a state of shock at the immense weather we have been having.

Fingers crossed the weather will keep up this stellar performance throughout the planned camping trips and days out we have arranged. 

This morning I packed up the last of our clothing and bag orders. Time for a big break before I totally focus on the books. My iphone has gone for good and time to start 'being in the moment' and having a great summer with the kids. One has already come down with a bug, which isn't the best of starts but we have an action-packed 7 weeks ahead of us so we have just been lying low for a couple of days, adjusting our bodies out of the routine of chaos and getting ready to savour every long summer day (sun sets at around 10pm at the moment but it doesn't really get dark until very late).

Today is the 4th July. Had things turned out differently I would have had triplets having their 4th birthday but it was never meant to be. It feels a little ironic that I am winding up what started as a form of distraction from the grief, on this particular date. But perhaps it is a reminder that we have to keep moving forward and what suits you for a while comes to an end. It feels timely to make a change now and especially on this particular day. 

I guess I can wave a sigh of relief at the thought of spending the summer with two lovely boys as opposed to FIVE kids. Definitely would have been a very different picture, one I would have embraced yet one I am happy that I am not facing as I sit typing this morning. Everything turns out well in the end. 

The sun is shining and there is nothing better than being outside to lift the mood so I went out for a run first thing, fed the horses and now we are off cycling and swimming, with maybe a visit to the beach for good measure!

Weather permitting, this is just our average summer day (not to mention the smattering of meltdowns, fights, tears and lots of laughter to complete the mood). 

Happy Independence Day and wishing everyone an amazing summer. 

Love Lynsey xxx



Enjoy your break with your beautiful boys Lynsey! Sending healing and peaceful vibes your way x

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