Our Digital Detox Summer

I have had a six week break from social media and it's been fantastic. The kids have been back to school for a week now and just starting to get back into the work routine. It's been a massive struggle to juggle the business with the kids at home for six weeks and a grand total of 8 hours childcare support. At the same time it's been incredible being with the boys every day. 
Week one saw total meltdowns (mainly on my part). Week two I had intended on taking off but it never happened. Week three my husband took time off work so I got some work done on either side of a camping trip. Week four I had planned as holiday but that didn't happen either. Week five - music festival, mud, no sleep, no work and Week six, I just gave up trying and relaxed, drunk gin and let the kids go feral.  
During all of this we sold our house, one of our dogs had to be put to sleep (awful) and we had a race against time to find somewhere new to live. 
Fast forward to the end of the first week back at school and nursery for the kids and I am SO happy it's almost the weekend! 
One massive plus point of the summer 'break' or 'breakdown' more like was that I stashed my iphone in my husband's car on the first day of the holidays and banned myself from social media. The thought of being on my phone for the summer holidays really depressed me and it was totally liberating to go back to an old basic phone and step away from scrolling. I've tried it before and it was great but never for this long. 
Yes, I may not be getting so many new followers across social platforms but it's made me step back and look at the business, look at what I want to do and most of all it's made me spend so much more time focusing on life. I also have had no anxiety, my creative ideas are overflowing and I feel a million times better. I feel we are living in the moment again. 
The kids seem happier too so this is something we are going to continue. I feel lighter and I am staying focused on that lightness that can be achieved by stepping away from my phone. Yes, for work, we need to be on at least Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but from today we are starting Friday Filter. We will post competitions, new products, new stories but only on a Friday. And it feels great. 

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