6th July 2018

Every year we set off on a camping trip and at some point there is guaranteed to be a moment when the memories of previous camping nightmares come flooding back. The highlight is usually the first night and, true to form, this years 'first night' didn't fail to impress! 

When I awoke this morning from possibly the worst nights sleep ever, I realised that I hadn't even had a look-in at the camp bed let alone my head even touching a pillow. Seized up in a foetal position on the ground I started to stretch out only to be called a TWAT by half-asleep 5 year old. My first thought was 'F**K I really hate camping!'

I think the kids finally fell asleep about 11.30pm along with Daddy. All sleeping horizontally across the double camp bed on top of ALL of the sleeping bags. Standard. 

As the day has gone on things have not got much better. 

We attempted to cycle into the village through the lovely chilled out, if not a little aloof, Findhorn Foundation, accompanied by a screaming child, who point blank refused to cycle in the desired direction and repeatedly threw his bike down on the ground. His word of choice progressed to SHITBAG! It's hard not to laugh at that one but the only way to get past this, very public, swearing phase is to completely ignore it. 

Finally we arrived in the village of Findhorn and tried to get some food amidst a spectacular whining performance, which came with the realisation that there was zero chance we were going to manage to get our hot, tired and grumpy kids back to the campsite using our current mode of transport. 

Cue Mummy having to cycle back and get the car only to return to the cafe and find a very happy family shovelling delicious, home-made baked beans into their smiling mouths. Turns out all the drama was because of hunger. They were all just 'hangry'. Never mind the fact that I had been offering them all food continously since about 6am that morning!

It all doesn't seem so awful now that I am writing it all down back at the tent. Perhaps the glass of Rose is helping. Anything to help cope with night two! It's hot and the wine is cold. Bax has a delicious, vegan brownie and our pizzas are on order from the lovely place at the Foundation. 

I do love Findhorn, I used to come here with my mum when I was little. No doubt we will get into a camping groove (probably just as it's time to leave).

On our last day we are stopping off at Brodie Castle to watch a performance of The Midnight Gang. Maybe one day the Super Fox stories will be performed there too. That would be nice. 

Did I mention I met a lovely girl who works in publishing in the shop at the Foundation? For someone who built a career in PR and marketing I have become incredibly weak at promoting myself. I didn't even get her name - so if she ever happens to read this I would love to chat more.  

Lynsey x



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